Monday, June 28, 2010

If You Come to Visit...WE Promise Not to Sniff You...Nana, On the Other Hand is a Different Story

This week we have a lodger....Mister Gulliver DerPainteezkrackin. He is fascinating to the furries. Thanks be to Regis that he only requires a new coat of paint and does NOT require fresh linens and towels. SHE is on her 389th load of laundry. I refuse to listen to her sad stories of woe about being a poor, sad washerwoman. I am forbidden to go near said laundry hamper as stated in previous blog posts. I'm not lyeing.
Images: "Mrs. Peddle Washed Her Sunday Dress on Saturday Morning"
Cara Kansala/Pam Dorey
Nana and BooBoo Take a Whiff of
Mister G. Derpainteezkrackin

1 comment:

LoriW said...

I fully support how Nana is all up in Mr. Gulliver's buisness. That's the neighbourly thing to do.

LOVE both your pieces in the Annual Member's Exhibit. Bravo!

Plus, your blog never fails to turn my frown upsidedown and I thank you for that. I particularly enjoy the spare tails.