Sunday, June 27, 2010

Work AND Play....A Perfect Day!!!!!!!

Work is coming along splendidly......we are well ahead of the game with our upcoming gallery show and I have been working on some fascinating projects. Two are still Top Secret, so I can't show photos yet! SHE is working on the design for a new mummer.
I had some interesting visitors in the studio today.....a lot of people were in the mood to ask questions (I DO love good questions!) and I must have answered a squillion!
Why is there paint all over your jeans? (Hmmm......)
Why did you paint a goat on your closet? (I love goats)
Do you like goats? (No, I LOVE goats)
What is a goat supper? (The eating of a goat. Supper happens.)
If I buy a fish, do I get to take the fish nets too? (No, they are the display.)
Do the easels come with the paintings?(Ahhh, no. Again, display.)
Is the candy in the jar for everyone? (Yes)
Are they sweet or sours? (Ahhh....sweets)...and on it went........!
Mama Mia, Mio Dio! So many darlinghearts!
Speaking of sweeties, Darling Cali came to visit today (with her mumsy Ee-Dee). It was Cali's 12th birthday on Thursday (84 in human years). I sure hope that I get to drive around in a cute red bug when I am that age.....I wonder if SHE will dress ME in a green, plaid neckerchief? I hope so....with matching tights, bright pink lipstick and a tam to boot! I'll be the cutest 84 year old in town!
Happy Birthday Cali!
Images: Mummers "The Originals" Hand-Carved/Painted by Cara and Pam
Sweet Cali at Crabby Cat Cottage

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