Friday, June 25, 2010

An Outrageous Adventure!

Above: Our Darling in her Change Islands Finery

Above and Below: Change Islands

We arrived home yesterday from the most AMAZING holiday ever! We went with a gang of fabulous friends (there were six of us) for a 4 day adventure on Fogo and Change Islands. The weather was gorgeous, the food terrific (we went to the famous "Nicole's" on Fogo and it was SPECTACULAR....YumYum!) and we saw more wild animals than I could believe! It was such a magical, inspiring trip and I can't wait to get working on some pieces based on the islands. I did a lot of sketching and we are going to do a huge piece of Change Islands to celebrate the Newfoundland folk song Squid Jigging Ground.
I may also do some small paintings to recreate a series of unfortunate events that happened during our trip involving 1 large stallion, a little dog, 1 medium-sized stallion(with a camera), a darling red head, a sweet, pink haired princess, 1 large puddle, a pair of giant sealskin shoes with carpeted soles, 568 loaves of homemade bread, 1 VERY unlikely proposal of marriage and a stack of books left on a staircase. I will have to go for therapy first and try to learn how to live with some of the images that have been burned into my eyes. Hopefully, I will be able to cope with these follies by expressing myself through the medium of paint.
The scariest part of the trip was when we had to back onto the ferry but THAT is another story for another day. Some things should be left unspoken.
Photos Courtesy of The Medium-Sized Stallion!


LoriW said...

OMGoodness! I've heard for years how beautiful the Change Islands are supposed to be but now I see just how dreamagical it really is!

Sounds like a most wonderful trip! Glad you could sneak away for a few days :)

p.s. that's my kinda pink haired lady with 4 bottles going at once!

Grumpy Goat Gallery said...

Yes indeed Lollipops, the most fabulous pink haired lady in the land! She DID
have some assistance with the wine. We're helpful like that!!!!!