Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Tide is high.............

I am in trouble. Again. I am forbidden to do the laundry. Ever. SHE has had a super-sonic, high-tech, astronaut fabric, white shirt that was her favourite. I accidentally washed it with my crusty paint clothes and used the powdered Tide and bleach. ....NOT the special liquid soap you use for the high-tech, astronaut fabric shirts. SHE was the one who found it. I wrote a eulogy and tried to have a service for it over the garbage bin. SHE was not amused. I'll have to find a new shirt. I can do this in my spare time. When I am NOT doing the laundry!
Image: Aunt Beulah Washed Her Sunday Dress by Cara and Pam
Nan's Lupins by Cara Kansala - Oil on Canvas

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