Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Icebergs are my favourite things. The first time I saw one in front of our house, I got so excited, I flung out my arms and broke the camera. We don't have any this year, but I keep spotting "wishbergs". SHE says I am going to give her a heart attack. If I yell "ICEBERG!!!" and point out to the ocean one more time, she is going to take away my ipod. I can't help it....I see my "wishbergs" every day. But I will stop. I don't want her to have a heart attack.

"ICEBERG!" ..."ICEBERG!" ... "iceberg!"

Image: "Icebergs in the Tickle" by Cara & Pam Hand-Carved wood/Mixed Media
"Castnets for Sale" by Cara & Pam
"Bergy Bits in Blueberry Cove" by Cara Kansala
Visit The Alexis Templeton Studio for "Icebergs in June" See Below
Icebergs in June
June is often when icebergs arrive on our shores - if they're going to come at all, of course. To celebrate a phenomenon that never fails to take our breath away, I've invited local artists to help fill the studio with their interpretations of these majestic ice castles. I'll include some of my crystalline iceberg plates, as well!
Featured artists include:
Cara and Pam of the Grumpy Goat Studio Janet Davis' print Spring IceKing's Point Photography by David HayashidaJudy Cooper textile designsChristine Koch's prints Iceberg with Aurora I and IIDiana Dabinett's silk paintingand alsoGLACE Rare Iceberg water
Please drop by in June to view (or buy) - or simply to catch the icy fever. HOURSWeek-days ( and evenings) by chance or appointment
Saturdays 10 am to 5 pm Closed Sundays
75 Quidi Vidi Road St. John's, NL

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