Monday, July 19, 2010

Any Mothers Allowed In?

Currently we are working on a gallery show opening in August. It is based on Newfoundland folk music. There are half finished pieces all over our house, mostly on the kitchen table. Yesterday, a lovely customer from out west snuck into the kitchen while I wasn't looking (people do this quite a lot...sneakers!!)and saw the mummer's parade that I am working on.
Lovely Customer "OH...these are those mothers I have heard so much about!....ANY MOTHERS ALLOWED IN?"

ME: "Ha,ha......they are mummers. Any mummers allowed in."

Lovely Customer: " YES! I LOVE IT! What fun for all of the mums to get dressed up like that. I wonder how that tradition started. ANY MOTHERS ALLOWED IN?"

ME : "OH, the old time tradition of mothers dressing up at Christmas and going door to door, asking any mothers allowed in?
I haven't got a clue!!!
Image: "Could be Charley" by Cara Kansala Acrylic on Wood

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