Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Loves Ya Me Old Trout!

Our new funky fish are selling like crazy this summer. They are swimming off the shelves. It’s always interesting to try new products .This year, it seems, people need fish.
Yesterday, a lovely lady picked up a particularly googly-eyed, pink and orange fish with sequins and asked if that type of fish was native to the region. I smiled and said I was not sure. Lovely lady bought the fish.
SHE thinks my fish are crazy. It was very nice to meet someone who actually thought that a sequin-bedazzled-pink-orange-googly-eyed fish might actually exist. In the cold waters of Newfoundland.
Very nice indeed.
Speaking of FISH....we had a gorgeous trouty dinner at Old Foolishness the other night. Thank you THANK you to the best cooker of fish in all the land! It was fabulous and a wonderful time was had by all!
Image: Funky Fish- Miroslav (blue) Flora (red)
Amazing Trouty Dinner

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Janet Davis said...

Loooove them!
And I often think that real fish look more like cartoony characters than they do like real creatures. Halibut, for instance, if you'd never seen one, would you really believe that their eyes grow from one side of their face to the other so it doesn't get shoved into the seabed?