Wednesday, July 28, 2010

An I for an Eye

BooBoo has stolen my best fish eye. I spent over 2 hours working on it. It was for my prettiest maggoty fish. It had long, sparkly eyelashes and teeny polka-dots. The last time I saw it she was running through the kitchen chewing on the pupil. SHE said we should just let BooBoo keep it since she loves it so much. BooBoo always gets her way.
Yesterday: Poor Ladies outside our studio door.
ME: I REALLY need more maggots NOW and I'm not kidding!!
HER: I just cut the head off the fisherman so you will have to wait for
your maggots!
Poor Ladies: OH MY GOD!
That's how I knew they were here.
From now on, we are going to keep the windows closed OR try not to yell at each other about maggots and decapitations. Mama Mia.
Images: "H... The Alphabet Song" Detail. wood block/acrylics by Cara Kansala
Henry the Maggoty Fish Who DOES Have an Eye

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Janet Davis said...

H reminds me of Edna from The Facts of Life with her high red hair and long eyelashes... and she has four chicks to care for too: Blair, Jo, Toodie, and Natalie.

And on a different subject: what's with the 'salty fish' brand on the t-shirts at your studio? Is there anywhere else to buy them? I've been getting lots of compliments!