Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Sweetness of Summer

Coco broke my mouse. It was her way of getting me back for turning her into an "indoor" cat. She had to hunt for any mouse she could find. I was mouseless for days and SHE only told me yesterday that I could write a blog using the flat mouse in the laptop. Who knew?
We have been SO busy getting ready for our show that we've hardly left the studio. Thank goodness we have lovely friends and visitors that come and visit and give us a break from the paint fumes, wood bits, googly eyes and nasty mousers. In all of this madness we have to remember to take time to enjoy the sweetness of summer.
P.S. Coco not only broke my mouse, she ALSO removed the letter "cue" from the keyboard. SHE doesn't know yet, so I have to go on a massive search and recovery mission.
This year, it seems, I will have to enjoy the summer in the winter!
Image: The Sweetness Of Summer by Cara Kansala * Acrylic on Canvas
Fog Bank Rolling In by Pam Dorey (Just Last Week!!)

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