Monday, July 5, 2010

The Soup of the Day Is.............

It has been a whirlwind weekend......we've had a lot of visitors and it's been so nice meeting new customers. We always appreciate it when people take the time (sometimes a very LONG time) to find our wee house! On Friday, we had guests for lunch, the table was all set and everyone had just sat down when a car full of customers drove up to see the studio. SHE continued with the lunch in our kitchen and I gave the studio tour.
During my talk, everyone was trying to look past me into the kitchen and eventually, they started asking questions....
What time do you stop serving lunch? Did we need a reservation? It smells delicious, what's the special? After we see the studio would it be possible to have lunch?
They thought we were a restaurant too! That is a first. Wouldn't THAT be fun I said to have a tiny restaurant? SHE said that if I mention it again, she is locking away all of my cooking utensils and barring me from the kitchen. SHE says that I have enough on my plate and that I don't need to be putting things on other peoples plates too. HHMMPPHH!!
(Maybe I will build a teeny, sneaky hot dog stand and sell Frankfurters by the sea......that'll show HER!)
Images: Thanks so much to our customer Sandra Rever from Calgary who sent us these beautiful pictures of our framed artcards. She did a gorgeous job framing them and we thank her so much for sharing!

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