Saturday, July 10, 2010

I don't Want Yer Maggoty Fish!

The capelin are rolling. We have been given plates of capelin, cleaned capelin, whole, fresh capelin (raw), fried capelin and baggies of capelin for the freezer. Every time I open the freezer, their cold, dead, frozen capelin eyes stare at me in a very menacing, capelin way. SHE is in capelin heaven. I, on the other hand know just how Lizer felt about it all!

P.S. This is the only time of year that I holler daily...I AM FROM AWAY.........I don't have to like capelin!

P.P.S. Really, though, thank you to everyone who has given us capelin. SHE is very happy and has a happy capelin belly!

Image: Detail- I don't Want Your Maggoty Fish

Cara Kansala and Pam Dorey Hand-Carved Wood/Mixed Media

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