Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Third Eye...............

If it wasn't for our kindly, darling friends and lefty (if you're looking at the water) neighbours SHE would starve. SHE told me this herself, so it must be true.Truer things have never been said. I have been locked away in my studio. I don't come out. Ever. Well, hardly ever. Last night, when I DID unlock the door and venture out for a look at life, SHE screamed at me...YOU ARE BLINDING ME!!! YOU ARE GLOWING FROM A THIRD EYE!!!

Ahhh, I said. This is my new headlamp from Lee Valley. (I snuck it in with HER last order of carving knives and "thingsheneeds".

I love my headlamp. It is great for working late at night. I might start wearing it out for midnight strolls. In future, however, I will only wear it if I am alone. Last night, every time I turned to look at her when SHE was talking, SHE would holler and say things about going blind and my third eye. I told her SHE was being terribly unhelpful and that she should save her drama for her mama.

I can't find my headlamp anywhere.

Images: The Family Peddle - Maggoty Fish by Cara & Pam

D was For Dog By Cara Kansala- Alphabet Song

Dolly's VERY Famous Homemade Bread

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