Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Grumpy Goat Gallery, Goat Hostel, Cat Hotel and Pizza Parlour...

We have been suffering from the terrible Italy withdrawals this past week so I made pizza for dinner. SHE was not impressed. Our house in Italy had its own outdoor kitchen and pizza oven. One of our darlings was the best pizza-oven-fire-maker-pizza-cooker since time began. HE was a pizza-making Olympian. Newfoundland "in your stove " pizza is not the same. SHE is sitting at the table drawing up architectural plans to build her very own, outdoor, brick pizza oven. It will be in the backyard. It will be huge. Next year, we will serve pizza in the afternoons during gallery hours. Please drop by for a slice. I will be the one covered in paint AND pizza sauce from head to toe. Mama Mia, Mio Dio.
P.S. I am not dismissing her notion of outdoor, brick pizza oven altogether because I figure that it MAY work to my advantage. I am currently not allowed to get a goat, but perhaps, we might need one in future for the cheese. (AND to eat all of the crusts!)

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Jon Rector, editor of The Piglet Parade said...

You have bummed me out!

I was all for you getting the goat until you said, " eat all of the crusts!"

You would feed a prized pizza dough crust to a goat, or any other animal for that matter?

Pizza dough is a work of art and a crispy, crunchy crust is the crowning glory.

Mama mia and Mio Dio indeed. I need to medicate myself with an adult beverage.