Sunday, October 31, 2010

Are there any Giant Beavers in Tuscany???

Our new Italian orphano is doing well and has adapted like a shining star to this chilly, stark island though I am not sure how much he enjoyed Halloween. He had a fabulous time carving Tickle Baby's jack-o-lantern and even licked the salt off the pumpkin seeds. It all went downhill when a GIANT beaver came trick or treating and tried to catnap him. TERRORS!
SHE says he'll get used to this quirky, new place. HA! I say....I am not used to living here and I have been here for years. The poor little guy. We brought him all the way from Tuscany to Crazytown. (SHE is the mayor)
At least he is fitting in with the devils, despite the language barriers. Lily tricked him into walking across a freshly squeezed paint palette and Booboo was very proud of the havoc wreaked. Paint everywhere.
I wish the giant beaver would come back and take ME away. I wonder if it is from Tuscany? I have my own carrier case and can use an indoor litter. Please, come and take me away....pleeeaaaase!!!!

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