Thursday, November 25, 2010

Angels and Devils.......Angeli e Diavoli !!

Below: Little Baby Jazz. The cutest puppy in the history of the universe, since the beginning of time....(with the exception of his sister Clio and um, Gretel.....just in case she reads this.)
Some people have angels. Furry angels that just sit in your lap looking lovely. They play nicely, they don't eat the furniture and they never, ever try to cook their own meals because they are not satisfied with the food you have provided.
And some people have devil-egged spaghetti cats that dive-bomb the kitchen counter when you are trying to cook and play "needle in the haystack" with the very last of the pasta. I think he was trying to tell us something and so we added a few noodles to his Seafood Pate....
Pasta con Frutti di Mare.
After all, he IS Italian.

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