Friday, November 26, 2010

Now They'll Want Their Friskies Au Jus.....

I have a crazy addiction to Zip-Lock bags. I am obsessed. I break up things that are whole just so that I can say...AH-HA....clearly, this wee bit of that needs to be zip-locked for safe keeping. They are my magic, polyurethane treasures.
Yesterday, the catsies were acting very strange. I had given them their afternoon cat-nip and instead of rolling around like caplin, doing pirouettes and polkas, they were acting quite subdued.....almost sophisticated. Booboo kept looking at me with an air of haughtiness and contempt.
HMMMM, thought I. Que ce que c'est?
It wasn't until I was making dinner that I realized that instead of giving them their cat-nip, I had sprinkled Herbs de Provence on their carpet. The cats weren't acting strange at all....they were being Purresian!
Needless to say, I got out my biggest Sharpie marker (it is BIG) and labelled all of my zip-lock bags.
For those of you who were here recently for the lamb dinner........sorry if it tasted funny. Now I know why "you know who" was making googly eyes at my antique, tin was the cat-nip rub on the lambs leg.
Next time, I'll do better. I promise.
Image: CAT TAILS* Mirror Detail Cara Kansla/Pam Dorey
The Big Mix Up
Sleeping off the herbs de provence

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