Wednesday, November 3, 2010

We've Imported the Devil

Sure, he LOOKS like a sweet, little kitten but really, the tiny Italian orphan is the devil, indeed. Our poor, jelly-bellied, gigantico Newfoundland cats are suffering from the torment from this little rascal. He bites their bums, dive bombs them at every turn and closes doors on them, locking them in and out of rooms. He even cornered Lily in the top drawer of my newly painted dresser (some paint STILL wet, might I add) and wouldn't let him out. Come to think of it, MOTHER IN LAW (yes, she is STILL here!!) and SHE have been missing for quite some time. I should check the cellar and under the bathroom sink....who knows what he's done with THEM.
(I said I SHOULD check.......busy at the moment waiting for kettle to boil)

Image: "Hanging Out Your Drawers!" Dresser by Cara Kansala

Lucca Antonio's Dresser of Horrors

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