Friday, December 24, 2010

A Merry, SCARY Christmas!

Above: Let It Snow!!! by Cara & Pam
Below: Storm Surge !!!
Our little house in Newfoundland is right on the ocean. In fact, we're almost IN the ocean! The past three days have been terrifying as this Christmas storm has passed through. Now we are experiencing the "storm surge". Huge, massive waves, right outside our front door. People are driving by to look at the giant monsters rolling in. Our neighbor said she's not seen the ocean so high and wild in the 48 years she's lived here. Terror!
Tonight we are having a Christmas Eve hors d'oeuvres party and I hope there will still be somewhere to park the cars. On the up side, I am making steamed mussels, and all I will have to do to get the salt water for boiling is open the kitchen window to fill my pot!
Happy Christmas Eve!

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