Monday, December 20, 2010

Holidays are Hard.......

Poor Lily (above) has always had a difficult time getting through the holidays. To make matters worse, this year BooBoo told him there was no Santa. Then we barricaded the tree so he couldn't tear apart my felted chickadees. Poor little chicken. I made him an extra large cat-nip cocktail to help him get through the week. He is still hanging his head in deep depression.

When BooBoo told the wee Italian there was no Santa, he was shocked. Unfortunately, we think he believed her as he has since given up all efforts to be "nice" and has put his little heart into "naughty". Tree down. Pine needles everywhere. Gift paper torn.
I didn't know that cats like candy canes. All of the ones from the bottom are missing..sticky papers stuck on the floor. At least his breath is pepperminty fresh.

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A Scattering said...

Candy canes are peppermint, a very close cousin of catnip/catmint. My Gray will lick the toothpaste tube it the top isn't closed quickly enough. Yuck. Merry Christmas from southwestern Ontario!