Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Eyes Are Dim.....

SHE is constantly frustrated with me for losing my glasses. Losing them, breaking them, splattering them with name it, it's been done!
As she was screwing and drilling the spectacles to the face of "Agatha, Chairman of the Board" to permanently attach them, she suggested that doing the same thing to ME with MY glasses would solve all of our problems. YES, I said, all of our problems would be solved! .........And after that, let me get my hot glue gun and the car keys ...then you can stick out your wrist and we can solve the problem of your lost keys!

Image: Little Italy has a seat on "Agatha, Chairman of the Board"
Funky Folks Chair by Cara and Pam

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St. John's Mom said...

I love Pete's Frootique too! And to just walk down Spring Garden Road....

have to say - I LOVE your work! Especially with all the cats! My Uncle gave my Aunt one of your pieces for Christmas and I recognized the style right away from following your site.