Tuesday, December 14, 2010


We arrived home from a fabulous 4 day trip to Halifax on Monday morning and I was pleasantly surprised to see that Dear BooBOO still loves me best.
Last week, I made them a home-made scratching post with old cardboard boxes, tape and string. SHE thought they would prefer one from the pet store and purchased a shiny, new one. It is infused with cat-nip. It has a fancy red ball on a spring. It has a very impressive plastic box. It was $9.99. None of my darlings will go near it. They walk by it with disdain. They give it VERY dirty looks. I always knew they loved me best.
5 Best Things Ever About Halifax
1. Farmer's Market
2. The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia
3. Pete's Frootique
4. Baked Oysters at Five Fisherman
5. The VERY Friendly people EVERYWHERE!!!!! SO Cheerful!!!
Image: BooBoo is Busy Loving Me Best

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LoriW said...

Hehehe.. I wish my bets were as victorious!