Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Would Run Away and Join the Circus, But I Don't Know Any Good Tricks...

SHE has taught the Wee Italian to jump off her shoulders and dive-bomb anything moving. SHE is 6'2", so if I happen to be the moving thing being dive-bombed, it can be quite uncomfortable as His claws sink into my shoulder blades during His landing. He jumps off Her shoulder to chase His rabbit, to tackle the curtains and even tries jumping onto the ceiling fan blades. We have a few huge projects on the go right now and it is VERY hard to get any painting done while the Wee Italian is practicing for The Cirque Du Soleil. It would have been easier if we'd found a bear that could ride a bicycle.....at least he could have made deliveries.
Image: "Back in the Day" Detail Cara Kansala

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