Friday, January 21, 2011

I Am Changing My Name to Fluffy

Just before lunch, I was scolding the Wee Italian for stealing a paint brush right off my table and running through the house with it. Yellow paint everywhere.
Five minutes later, SHE came into my studio and started scolding ME for getting paint on my new chair ( IS a studio chair, so in all fairness, it is going to get painty...RIGHT?) As she was scolding ME, just minutes after I had scolded W.I., I realized that really, I am just the 6th cat.
I am the 6th cat but with a slightly better litter box. No, I am not as furry (yet!) No, I don't cough up hairballs (yet!), but I DO get in an awful lot of trouble and I DO come running when she yells "Treats" and shakes the bag...(cookies silly, not Temptations).
I might as well change my name to Fluffy and start taking 7 hour naps with the other five. I don't think SHE would notice at all!

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