Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Are My Sunshine!

What on earth was that big, orange ball in the sky today? SHE said it was "THE SUN". Shirley, she must be joking. It was SO beautiful, I took a break away from commissions and worked on some springy-time sunshiney pieces! Tomorrow I will check and see if my tulips are up!
We've had so many inquiries and requests this past summer/fall for photos of available works and from people wanting to know if the work on the blog is for sale, that I decided to make 3 gallery pages (on the right sidebar) of works for sale and how to contact us. I am still working on is very difficult for me to do computerishy things like posting pictures, installing, uploading, re-sizing and cropping.....I am much better at making messes, mixing paint colours, cooking crepes and opening and shutting the blinds (though SHE has forbidden me from this action after tangling my hair in the cord....)
I hope that if you click on the links they will LINK! Let me know if they are NOT linking and I will do my best to re-link my links!
Image - "Aunt Bert's Daisy Garden"
Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 24" by Cara Kansala
P.S. Though I often call HER "Shirley", her name is, in fact, Pam.

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nadinebc said...

That is beautiful!