Sunday, January 9, 2011

And this is your Uncle Fred and His New Wife Dorothy......

Holiday gifts have all been given, so I can finally post some of the custom client work we did. This seemed to be the year for all things cats. We did cat mats, floor cloths, portraits and a chair. I am pleasantly relieved to know that WE are not the only crazy cat people around. It's hard to believe how much people love their pets though I don't have to wonder where I get my craziness from...why I love to dress up my friends, have parties for them and read them stories. No, I don't have to wonder at all.
Today my mother came to visit. She was in the living room looking at photos. We were in the kitchen, but we could hear her talking. We went in to find her showing Gretel Der Frankenfurter the 3rd (dog) family photos and explaining who the people were. SHE looked at me, eyebrows raised as if to say "Can you BELIEVE your mother is showing the dog photos?"
"Gretel hasn't met that part of the family yet," I said......"this way, she'll know who everyone is when they come next summer........"
7 hours later and her eyebrows still haven't come down.
I guess that's what she'll look like if she ever decides to have a face lift.
Image: "Miami Beach Vacation 2011" Custom Floor cloth by Cara Kansala
"Sitting on the Daisy Placemat" by Cara Kansala

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LoriW said...

The dancing houses I sent to Bowen Island, BC, were the holiday gift sensation on the West Coast! Thank you for your talent and joie de vivre!