Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow.

Yesterday, we took a break from what has been an incredibly busy work week and went to St. John's with our Darling P.P. to see "The King's Speech". When we got home, SHE said that my hair looked quite like the Queen Mum's and needed to be dealt with. After a lengthy kerfuffle, a small skirmish, much complaining and a great deal of gasping, I now have a new, MUCH shorter head of hair. I look like one of the Kellog elves.....I think Krackle, the middle one, but it could be Pop. It will take months to recover from the trauma and will be at least a year before I get my bun back. (I loved my bun.) SHE thinks I look very stylish and sophisticated. I am now finishing a glass of wine and heading off to the kitchen to melt marshmallows for the Rice Krispy Squares. Snap. Krackle. Pop.
P.S. THIS is what happens when we go to the movies. SHE gets all kinds of kooky ideas. Next, she'll want to go and see "127 Hours". I think not.

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Janet Davis said...

I think that as a minority, those of us who want to wear buns should be protected. I'm always getting grief about my "scunned" hairdo, but I love it! It's easy and practical and doesn't require expensive and time consuming haircuts. I'm setting up a society... watch for it.