Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Sweetest Project!! Part 3

Above: Mural detail...bottom left side. DONE!
Booboo has started sitting in front of her painted portrait, blocking her painted self from sight. She has recently lost 2.5 pounds and we think she is hinting at a do-over. I wouldn't MIND painting her again (a little less "fluffy" this time) but she is an emotional eater and any little stress such as a change in temperature or  the sound of the toilet flushing could send her sky-rocketing head first into her value size bag of Friskies. One toilets flush is another cats gain.
Hooray for tonight! We were invited to a dinner party at The Love Shack and even had an escort! We had the best dinner ever in the history of the universe since time began and a lot of laughs, too. Thank you to my darlings E & S for working so hard and for always making things special. You are shining stars and we love, love love ya! (I had to hide the German Chocolate Sauerkraut cake from HER until the morning!) For anyone who has never had German Chocolate Sauerkraut Cake...make it! Find it ! Buy it! Eat it! YUMMY Yum YUM!!!!

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