Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sweetest Project! Part 4

I am officially finished one third of the giant mural! Today I painted for 10 hours and changed my shoes 4 times (painting standing up and on chairs to reach the high boards...soar, sore toes!!) I would have changed my shoes 5 times, but SHE caught me pink handed (footed) wearing my very best (most comfy) pinkly clogs and made me take them off pre-disaster. It was back to my rubber boots.
I have become quite obsessed with this project and think I will go into "Big Project" withdrawals when it is completed. The cats will be sad too as they seem to like the commotion, the big,colourful pictures and the sofas standing on their ends to make room for it all. We have promised to drive them to St. John's, so we can go to Duckworth street and see it when it is installed. BooBoo is only going for the chocolate....(to be honest, me too)
Image:Detail...Mural for Newfoundland Chocolate Company in the Works


Flowerpotmama said...

I CANNOT wait to see this work in its entirety! You are so fabulous! I would have had no idea of the size of this panel except for the chair next to it. It's huge! And it's only one small piece!

You are amazing!

Grumpy Goat Gallery said...

Thanks! It IS huge... I can't wait to see all 10 pieces when they are put up together... for now I can only see 2 panels at a time!

Shammickite said...

I'll keep my eyes open to find this when I'm in St John's next time.