Friday, March 18, 2011

The Sweetest Project!! Part 5

Detail: The Outery Battery Corner

Joining up the lines and starting the pirate ship!

BooBoo Loves Porkchop (the cat AND the meat product!)
Today I will be starting a 5 foot long pirate ship, an octopus swimming in a chocolate sea and a chocolate munching moose. Life, indeed, is strange these days. BooBoo has fallen head over heals in love with one of the Battery cats on the mural and kept sitting on him  every chance she got until I finally had to lock her out of my workroom. I told BooBoo that sitting on your  intended beloved isn't necessarily the best plan of action when trying to find a life partner. BooBoo was not impressed with my advice and headed for her Friskies (weight control for extra "fluffy" cats). If BooBoo keeps up with this Spring Fever thing, she is going to have to join Wait Watchers. She will have to wait to be fed twice a day instead of her all-day buffet. I am getting death glares even as I type.
Images: Details of Mural for The Newfoundland Chocolate Company


Electric Underfloor Heating said...

I am getting death glares even as I type.
Thank you for post.

Flowerpotmama said...

I am dying to see MORE paintings! Are you okay? Have you been lost beneath painting supplies, caffeinated beverages, and the sheer weight of your talent? :D Update us please! (even if it's a cute picture of one of your cats wearing a jaunty pirate hat...oh! Or a spring bonnet!) LOL