Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Sweetest Project!! Part 7

The Wee Italian Tries to Inconspicuously Sneak into a Photo (Mural Detail: Seal Family and Foofi, too)

Best Panna Cotta Since Time Began!
   SHE has been giving me a hard time about my words. I just found out (to my dismay!) that inconspiciously is not a word. Earlier today, I asked Her if She thought one of my mural panels was crooked or was it just a spoof of the eye. She said that "Spoof of the eye" is not a phrase. SHE wonders if I am ingesting too much caffeine....the coffee, the diet root beer. English IS my first language, and I taught ESL for years. Perhaps I am just getting older, or it could be cotttage fever due to the bismal weather. Odviously, I will have to get a grip!
The darlings from The Love Shack saved the day by poodling over and surprising us with home-made chocolate/raspberry panna cotta. What shining stars! What did we ever do to deserve such yumminess!
We ended our day with Senior Squisage at his lovely table, bellies full of a beautiful birthday dinner. He beat us both at cards (he is now the Eucher champ) but revenge will be mine!!!

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LoriW said...

Extra love to you on your happiest of Birthday weekends!!!
(Try not to be scared with Coronation Street on Sunday.... did you see/hear what they've done?! The song, the intro, the WIDESCREEEN!!!! *GULP*)