Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Sweetest Project!! Part 7

Mural Detail: Almost at the Top!

Several people have asked what kind of materials I am using for the mural. It's on 5/8 thick plywood (8 x 4 foot sheets) which are VERY heavy....about 100 pounds each. The paint I am using is CIL exterior Smart Technology. It has been amazing to work with and goes on smoothly. I only bought 9 colours and used them to mix and blend my own for the rest, which turned out great. All  of the panels were primed on both sides. This helps to seal the wood against the weather and also helps the colours to be more vibrant.
I can't blog long because SHE has gone out to the shed, which means I can watch Coronation Street without being heckled. (Crazy Tony with the wonky eyes has escaped from prison and is holding Harold and Carla captive in the underpants factory!) GOTTA GO!


nadinebc said...

Hi there! I got my package! Thank you so much! very sweet of you.

Flowerpotmama said...

Hey I got mine too! It totally made my day. You rock!

The colours are just fantastic in your mural. You mixed all these colours from nine? Amazing!

Enjoy your show! Everyone needs a guilty pleasure. Mine used to be North of 60. Feel free to heckle. LOL