Tuesday, April 12, 2011

And the "Follower" of the Month IS.........

"Night Visitors" by Cara Kansala 2011 Acrylic on Canvas
"Urve Manuel"
Urve, if you would like to send us your mailing address, we'd love to send you one of our T-shirts and an artcard pack!!!
So many iceberg projects this spring! I hope, I hope, I HOPE, we will get some this year. Giant, snowy monsters!! Three years ago, we had a huge one (I named him Harold) parked right in front of our house for a week. I wanted to climb aboard but SHE said it was very dangerous and I was forbidden. Too bad, because who knows where I'd be by now? I could have floated south or ended up stranded on a quirky island somewhere......OH, I forgot, I AM!

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Urve Manuel said...

Wow!! Just got home from a owkr trip away, and a shirt and cards were in the mailbox waiting for me... what a sweet surprise! Thank you so much!!! Haven't been on the net for long the past week, so I didn't even know! THANK YOU!!!