Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sinus Up...Hula Lessons for 6!

"He Lost Her Then He Found-er" by Cara Kansala*Acrylic on Canvas
"Lily at the hospital"
It seems that the stress of the kitchen renovations caused the 5 friends to get the cat flu. Any changes at all in their daily routines tosses them right over the edge. They must take after me. I can't cope with the gorgeous, new kitchen either and have a cold of my own. I have hit my head on the new light 200 times and have walked into the island that didn't used to be there more times than I can count. Poor SHE. She says that She is going to ship the 6 of us off to Hawaii when She starts working on the bedroom. The 6 of us think that is great and are packing up our bikinis as I type. (Booboo wears a one-piece as she is self-consious about her "fluffiness".
Senior Squissage and Pinky Darling are coming tonight for the lamb dinner and a card tournament. I hope THEY don't hit their heads on the new light, get stressed out and start sneezing.....there is only so much a girl can take!
P.S. Everyone at the Baccalieu Trail Animal Hospital is absolutely fabulous! Shining stars!

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