Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I have never blogged twice in one day but today has been exceptionally odd! I am not allowed to have my own set of keys as I always lose them. Because of this, I often lock myself out of the house. Because of this, we don't have screens on our windows anymore. Today, I had to go to the animal hospital while SHE was in town. I accidentally locked myself out, and my Darling Senior Squissage had to save the day by crawling in the window, on top of the fruit bowl, across the cutting board, over the dish tray, around the set of Chinese knives, over the counter and unlocking the door. HE was not impressed when I asked him to hold this pose while I snapped my picture. I think he was concerned that he was not wearing his good shoes for the photograph. I will not judge....all super heroes have their quirks.
Thank you, my darling for saving the day!!!!
Wait 'til SHE gets home....She won't even care about the octopus on the bathroom door when She hears that I locked myself out again! Hooray!!!!!

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