Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Because a Door is not a Wall..........

Farewell Muriel!
"Because a door is not a wall...."
"New Garden on the GREEN wall"... um...SHE said white walls, so technically, I should not be in any trouble!
This morning, a big, white delivery van came and picked up Muriel, "The Mural". Such a huge part of my winter work and now it is gone. After that, SHE poodled off to St. John's to make deliveries and run errands. I was feeling kinda blue and  missing Muriel, so I painted a new octopus on the back of the bathroom door (Since She renovated the kitchen, She said that I am not allowed to paint any more pictures on the walls and that all white walls, must stay white. In my opinion, I should not get into any trouble when She gets home because a door is not a wall. A door is a door. I will keep you posted on whether or not She thinks a door is a wall and I may be requesting back-up support.
Now, I am back to my Runic alphabet and Viking costumes, enjoying the sunny day and drinking a very strong cup of coffee(which I am not allowed to have after 11am, but again, SHE is not here!) NomNomNom! All in a days quirk!

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Anonymous said...

You are welcome to come and paint on any of my walls except the living room, which He stipulates must remain beige (for understandable reasons - widely eclectic artwork needs a neutral background).

Katherine would love to help you.