Thursday, April 7, 2011

That Sinking Feeling......

"The Outer Battery" 2011 by Cara Kansala * painted canvas
Another crazy week! The mural is done and all wrapped up, ready for installation and the gallery is back to "normal". Now the kitchen is in slings because SHE decided to give me a complete kitchen renovation for my birthday. All new cupboards, a new stove, a new island....and best of all, a new sink from Ikea! She had it shipped to our tiny house all the way from Toronto. Shining stars indeed!
It is all installed, but we have no water. YET. She promises the good stuff will be flowing from the nifty Ikea taps by bedtime. I sure hope so. We are hosting a Tuscan dinner tomorrow night for 10 of our darlings. If the sink isn't plumbed, I will have to wash the dishes in the bathroom sink or send them over to the The Squissage. If we don't have water, we'll have to drink wine, but somehow, we'll endure.....we're a tough lot!


LoriW said...

Congratulations on the completion of your big beautiful mural! Let us know the date it will be unveiled and I'll be down with a bottle of bubbly for you to smash against the bow-uilding!

And continuing happy birthday congratulations on your "stora vackra handfat", too!!! (yeah, that's what they call in in Sweden).

Flowerpotmama said...

IKEA is my happy place you lucky ducky. :) Now we will require pictures of not only the finished, installed mural but the finished kitchen!

Have a fantastic dinner!