Saturday, April 2, 2011

Seeing Stars!

Every morning, the Wee Italian leads the morning sunrise ceremony, they do their yoga, have their porridge and take to their beds. Incredibly independent.

If I had to bet a million dollars, I would safely say that I am the only person in North America, if not the Free World, to have smashed their noggin on a giant octopus yesterday. SHE thought it would be a good idea to hang it in front of the wood stove. I am still seeing stars. STARS!
On Friday, the sun shone and it felt like spring! We had our first studio visit of the season (we are now open!) and  heard our first ever soprano rendition of  "I's The B'y". Visitors who sing are the tops!
Last night, in a frantic painting frenzy, I squeezed out a palette-full of paint onto my Best-Ever-Palette-From-Italy-Since-Time-Began palette, without covering it Saran Wrap. SHE said not to worry, we would go and get a new one. Sometimes, She can be a star.
The other night, we pulled into the driveway from grocery shopping and I said "Don't forget to take the turkey out of the car" and SHE said "Well, I don't see why you can't get out by yourself."

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Flowerpotmama said...

Heehee. That's good. That's very clever. Sorry for the insensitivity, but the turkey comment is golden!

I love the "I's The B'y" song! Jealousy! We don't hear it much on the prairie except when I sing it for my Nova Scotian husband to make him feel more at home. I don't think he appreciates my efforts.

I need to plan a trip out there to see this fabled studio. It's only a 53 bajillion km drive from here, but I'll be up for it someday. :) LOL