Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Can You Get a Direct Flight from St. John's to Lapland?

Darling Tomas and Consuelo Visiting Before Heading Back to Lapland!

We have been invited to go and visit our friends in Lapland next summer, but I think I might start packing and go now. I am being dragged from my tiny lime house tomorrow to go to St. John's, so I might as well pack a bag and keep going. I DO love St. John's but it is hard to be torn away from work, the garden, the studio and my paint splattered clothes. It has become a nightmare already. I got paint on my TOWN PANTS (not sure how) and SHE was none too pleased. THEN, I was trying to scrub some blue bits off my forehead and got in trouble for using "Body Scrub". SHE said that I have to use face scrub because I have old, delicate skin. I told HER that my face is on my body. SHE said she will buy me some face scrub tomorrow and said "isn't that exciting?". I am being lured to Town with promises of fancy face scrub and new town pants. Maybe I will really hit the Jackpot and we'll get an oil change, too!
(The only redeeming things is a gallery meeting where I will see LOTS of my friendlies and dinner with Darling Cat and S.Squissage)....Always look on the bright side of life.

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