Friday, May 20, 2011

And The Follower of The Month Is......

This month's winner is A.Scattering!
Please send us your mailing address and T-shirt size and we'll be happy to send you your prize!
This morning SHE was having a poodle around the gallery and asked me the following question:
"Are you aware that the dress in this picture is the same size as the iceberg?"
Me: "Odd-viously, I am aware".
HER: "HaHa..I love the way you see the world...not much rhyme or reason to anything...everything is a bit doolally!"
Me: "Yes, SOOoooo very bizarre...and what about your dinner tonight? Your cherished lemon-basil pasta might just include honeydew melon and pickled rhyme or reason to anything! That's ME!"


A Scattering said...

Thanks, I'm chuffed! I've just emailed you my address etc.

The Grumpy Goat blog is the best reality show around. Keep up the great work.

Lisa Browne said...

Follower of the Month - what a great idea!

A Scattering said...

A brilliant idea - I'm thrilled to be the winner this month! Visiting your blog ALWAYS puts a smile on my face.