Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Am So Happy to be Cranky!

"A Perfect Day in Kingmans Cove" Commissioned Work 2011 by Cara Kansala & Pam Dorey
Hand-Carved wood/Mixed media
Big Fat BooBoo Thinks it is a Ham Radio

I am not fit to live in this high-techish, futuristic world. So many plugs and cords. adapters, chargers, tethering ropes, photo cards, discs, back-up discs and wires. SHE tells me we have "wireless" things  but there  are cords and plugs and wires everywhere. We have a wireless printer. "This printer is not printing!!" I holler. "You have to plug it in!" SHE says.
We don't have a land line in our house any more. Our computer is our phone, camera, music maker-radio-machine, calculator, measuring tape and flashlight. Our telephone has a "screen" that mysteriously slides around in a very unnerving fashion.There are no buttons to push. When someone calls, the telephone quacks or barks or sounds like crickets. My alarm clock sounds like a motorcycle and I have a heart-attack every morning. I don't know if someone is calling me or if a flock of birds is flying over head.
 It is hard.
Last week, SHE gave me the very best gift since time began. A crank radio. It has no cords. I turn the crank when I want it to work. I carry my beloved cranky radio with me everywhere I go. I can listen to my CBC and all I have to do it wind it up. It is very rewarding having to work for my entertainment. SHE tells me it can be plugged into the ipod or phone-ish, but that would ruin everything. I will take what I can get. Me and my cranky radio will be just fine.
I wonder if you can get crank hair blowers, toasters or vacuums?

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A Scattering said...

You can get crank flashlights!

I feel your tech-yeccchhhh pain. I have a cell phone and ipod but miss the tactile experience of placing a needle on an album on a turntable. sigh