Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spring is in the Hair!

"For So Many Moons I've Loved You "  Two (Detail) by Cara Kansala & Pam Dorey
Hand-Carved/Hand-Painted/ Mixed Media

Anniversary Dinner...First seating
Boobi & The Wee Italian Celebrate 7 Months of Wedded Bliss
What a lovely week! So many wonderful visitors to the studio already, several private commissions completed, delivered and gifted and lots of happy days! Boobi and W.I. decided to infiltrate Her anniversary dinner (18 years....Mama Mia!) and had a little eye-rolling and paw-holding to celebrate their own 7  month anniversary. Personally, I think The Wee Italian saw the bottle of Brunello, felt homesick and was hoping for a glass of his own. Just like his mama.
Usually, I try to keep them away from the table, as they ARE covered in fur, but I had just brushed all 5 for the 10th time and figured they deserved to stay awhile. So much fur! Thank Charles that PEOPLE don't shed when the weather gets warm.....with 5 cats, spring is already the hairiest time of the year.


LoriW said...

Happy Anniversary!

gregory p ashley said...

well hi you two, i just love your webpage,i have two of your works here with me in Regina were i live now , and yes everyone who 's eyes see the two smile and say something like , were did you get it .we tell then ,and hope that they will drop in to see you both ,so much fun, and if i do say so ,Great work. take care and we will drop by for more of you two and some of your works.....