Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ask Not For Whom the Horn Honks.......

Mister Lily Shows Off His Pearl Necklace
("NanaBear" by Cara *acrylic on wood)
A conversation I overheard outside our door this week.
Lovely husband and lovely wife...
Wife: HA! Honk the horn! YOU do it!
Husband in a whisperish: No, YOU do it!
Wife: YOU. What if we're not supposed to?
Husband: Well, it SAYS honk the horn, so HONK it!
Wife: YOU honk it!
Husband: No, YOU honk it!
Wife: How loud do you think it will be?
Husband: Horn-honking loud. Like a clown on a bicycle.
Wife: What? Just honk it! HONK it!!!
Husband: Fine! (and husband weakly squeezes horn resulting in a sad and wheezy "HHhhhoooooOOOooooNNK")
Wife: Honk it harder! HARDER! Just HONK it!
Husband: FINE!
Both erupt in fits of giggles.
My job here is done.


Carol N. said...

YOu guys are so cute - if I ever get to the other side of the country I'll come honk it till the goats come home!

Anonymous said...

Does the Wee Italian have nifty neckware too? Possibly linguine?

Anonymous said...

cara wh