Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey Daisy!!! Put Your Dukes up!!

My Grumpy Goat Garden is doing great! SHE calls it my "Darwinian" garden because it's a battle out there. Total carnage.
Gardening books? Blagh! Instructions on seed packets? Argh! Farmers Almanacs? HA! Zone Charts? Poopoo!
My shopping list for the gardening center looks like this....
Things I Need for the Garden 2011
Something Red
Something Pink
Something Orange
Something Yellow
Something Tallish
Something Lowish
Lovely Lady at gardening center says "Ahh, your Bellis Perennis might compete with your Pelargonium."  Bring it on, I say, I like a good fight and maybe with a few therapy sessions and some Miracle Grow, they'll work out their issues. No need for hostility in THIS garden...there's room for everyone. (Not exactly true, as the green, rubbery, lettuce-looking balls that sprout up each year are getting bigger and bigger and have started sitting on HER hosta's lap. SHE wants to separate them but I think it might be love and maybe next year they will have little, creepy hosta/lettuce babies!
We won't know how the saga ends until September, when the winners take it all, leaving the losers, standing small. Abba. Yes.

The Darwinian Garden. I am even growing something quite furry that appears to have a heartbeat. It eats an awful lot but avoids anything green or healthy, so for now, I am letting it stay even though it has crushed the Icelandic Poppies (I call them hairy lollipops)
Fat Aunt Sylvia - 5 points
Icelandic Poppies- 0
To all of you truly amazing, patient, studious gardener friends who take time to learn about your plants and care about their well-being and safety, good-luck this growing year. You are shining gardening stars. May the force be with you.

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A Scattering said...

Awesome colour palette - love the mix!