Saturday, July 2, 2011

O Canada!

A crazy, hectic week at The Grumpy Goat Gallery but we've had a whale of a time!
Canada Day Dinner......a lobster boil on the beach in front of our house!
Hooray for the darlings who christened our new back yard! Lobster, dancing, vodka punch and Canada Day tattoo's....what more could you ask for? Kitty Darling, How-Do-You-Do Darling, Pinky Darling, Scout Darling, Senior Squissage and the Love Shack Shaggers did the dance floor proud!
How-Do-You-Do Darling even made red pepper maple leaves for the potato salad...what a good Canadian!

And after all of the fun with friends....back to the drawing board!
(Detail: St. John's Harbour, Private Commission * Cara Kansala Acrylic on Canvas 2011)

My favourite visitor this week in the gallery ....

Lovely Lady "Oh, I read your blog all of the time! It is SO much fun, I feel like I know you! I didn't think you would be as tall as you are. Somehow, after reading your stories I thought you would be a lot shorter."
My new goal : WRITE TALLER


Wilma said...

There is no "Like"button with the Back Yard photo... or the Canada Day maple lead salad:(

rqueen100 said...

I love that picture. Canada flag on forehead, sail over head.places to sit,crowd from the harbour, scof of lobster. Some good, eh!

rooee said...

hahahaaa looks like fun.......would love to meet the love shack shaggers......wondering if they are dancers or indeed shaggers!