Friday, July 8, 2011

Some Girls Wanted to Marry David Cassidy...I Wanted to Marry Alligator Al

Vinnie "The Bobcat" Barbarino Does Not Look Impressed That Alligator Al is About to Bight His Bum
For 30 years I searched for an Alligator Al shaped piece of wood. Last month, I found him. I loved Alligator Al more than anything in the universe. I was going to marry him. We would live in the tree with  Casey and Finnigan and do crafts with Mr. Dress-Up in the afternoon. I had my bags packed if ever I was invited to go and live with them. I could have slept in the tickle-trunk. When the music would start for Mr.Dress-up, I would go and dance in front of the television, bursting with excitement. It was the joy of my mornings. SHE is wondering why I am using the past tense. SHE says if I don't admit to still watching Mr.Dress-up every day, SHE will write her own blog about it.
I admit it.
 I AM going to marry Alligator AL some day.
I just have to find a tree big enough for us all.

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Janet Davis said...

The episodes with Alligator Al were the best! Used to make my day when Mr. Dressup went to the Trading Post! And of course he'd sing Down by the Bay!
Thanks for reminding me...