Monday, July 25, 2011

Who Is Going to Be Grumpy Now?

Rose Nylund Sneakily Eating Sneaky Raisins in the Gallery!
SHE said that I could get a goat if I promised it would never EVER EVER come in the house. EVER.
I agreed. Never in the house. EVER!
She did NOT mention the gallery.
If She sees this photo, I will deny everything and so will Rose (Rose, Blanche and I stick together!) We don't know HOW Rose got in the gallery or who took the photo  and I certainly have no idea what she was doing....(just between you and me, Rose was eating raisins while I answered the phone!)

Rose Nylund and Blanche Devereaux Share a Pre-Nap, Afternoon Snack
 SHE asked me why there was goat hair on the floor and I said it must have fallen off my barn shoes. SHE reminded me that I am not supposed to wear my barn shoes in the house.
Little does SHE know that me wearing my barn shoes in the house is the very least of Her troubles!


Anonymous said...

Blanche and Rose are sisters, I can tell.

Cyn said...

What a riot! Your blog is a fun read and I've clicked to 'follow'. I come to you via Rosa's World blog.

rooee said...

that video is too stinkin cute! thanks for making me smile...again. :)