Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Does Anyone Know Where You Can Buy Mouthwash for Goats?

Rose Nylund and Blanche Devereaux are such good friends. They are attached at their furry hips. This is a tiny video of them going for their afternoon walk, just after Rose beat Blanche at a heated game of Scrabble (she won with "ruminant" on a triple word score!) Tonight they are going to work on their quilt. Good times.
We have been the busiest ever in the gallery this summer and thank you SO much to all of the wonderful people who are coming out...we LOVE meeting you!
(and thank you for the funny comments that are darling and so like things that I would say too!)
In the gallery this week....
Lovely Lady: Oh, you have a goat! What kind of goat is she?
Me: She is a baby pygmy goat.
Lovely Lady: Wow! So, she is all white and hairless?
Lovely Lady's Husband: No honey, that would be an albino goat with halitosis.
Me: I think that would be an albino goat with alopecia.
Lovely Lady: Do you have one of those?
Me: Ah, no.
Detail: "While the Icebergs Float By, The Quilt Hangs to Dry, On a Twillingate Afternoon" Cara Kansala Private Commission 2011


Anonymous said...

Blanche and Rose are playing hide and seek in the tall grass. What quilt pattern are they working on, possibly flying goats or cats in the cradle?

Anonymous said...

The Anchor Inn Hotel lobby will never be the same. We LOVE our new painting - it has changed our lives and brings joy to our many guests who are appreciating it!