Saturday, July 30, 2011

Why AREN'T People Who Do Taxes Called Taxidermists?

On Thursday we delivered my commissioned painting to The Anchor Inn in Twillingate. SO happy to see it up and hanging in the lobby! P.S. The Anchor Inn has the BEST fishcakes in town!
If you are in Twillngate, you MUST stop at The Crow's Nest Cafe on the way to the lighthouse. Ted and Katie have built a lovely cafe/craft store and the make THE best coffee and REAL fruit smoothies since time began!!!
In the Gallery a few days ago.....Lovely Family with mother, father and lovely children of various sizes and ages.
Lovely Father: Do you have a goat?
SHE: Yes, the children can see her if they’d like. Her name is Rose and she loves raisins.
Lovely Father: Is the goat alive?
Before She answered Lovely Father, She glanced and me and gave me THE LOOK.
THE LOOK said:
Do NOT ask Lovely Father why he thinks we have a dead goat.
Do NOT ask Lovely Father why we would feed raisins to a goat that was not alive.
Do NOT ask Lovely Father if HE has ever seen a dead goat.
Do NOT ask Lovely Father if he thinks we have a taxidermy goat.
Do NOT ask Lovely Father if he is a taxidermist.
Do NOT ask Lovely Father why people who do taxes aren't called taxidermists.
And most importantly, do NOT ask me later if we should taxidermy our pets when they pass away and put little outfits on them and sit them on the sofa. Do NOT.
I was so impressed with the intensity of THE LOOK that I actually lifted my hand to my lips and made the gestures for “my lips are zipped” AND “my lips are buttoned”.
She did not give me Her famous “I MEAN IT” look, so I did NOT do the gesture for “my lips are locked and I have thrown away the key”.
That, I will save for another day.


Jon Rector, editor of The Piglet Parade said...

I come up a flash!

Generate additional income with custom, hand painted signs reading, "Here's your sign."

Lovely wife may have bought one for lovely husband.

You may tell HER it was your idea and she will be so proud of this out-of-box thinking that SHE may forgive future perceived transgressions should any occur.

I love your art and your blog.

Rosa Robichaud said...

Amazing how one little "look" can speak volumes!


I'm enamoured(SP?) with your art and your blog!!!


Rosa Robichaud
Saint John, New Brunswick

Anonymous said...