Saturday, September 24, 2011

Classes on Making Sad Puppy Eyes Will Be Starting Next Week.....

Image: "Waiting For Supper" by Cara & Pam /Hand-Carved/Mixed Media
This is one of the works we donated this year to the SPCA Gala Dinner! The SPCA is one of our favourite charities and a lot of our family members have strong ties to the organization. Blanche is one of their many success stories. If I lived closer to town, I would love to volunteer at the shelter. SHE says She wouldn't let me due to the fact that I can make really sad puppy dog eyes and someone might adopt me and take me home. Then She wouldn't have anyone to make her lemon pasta or baked tomato chicken. I am a valuable asset to her tummy and taste buds.
I am thinking though, I COULD go to the shelter once a week and give a class to the puppies on eye rolling, batting your eyelashes and looking generally pathetic, desperate and sweet! It works for me...that's how I always get Her to drive WAY out of the way for Starbucks Chai!
Help when you can to support the darling SPCA! After all, animals are just little furry people that walk on all fours!


LoriW said...

I was supposed to attend the gala dinner tonight but I'm on all fours and can't make it :(
I hope it's a great success!

Jeannine Chaulk said...

Fan-tab-u-lous! after reading this entry on helping the SPCA, it got me thinking about how the SPCA is struggling here in I'M inspired by your post :) My 7 adopted kitties and I have to put on our creative thinking caps and see what work we can come up with!!!