Friday, September 30, 2011

Yabba-Dabba-Don't Let Me Drink any More Coffee...

"Papa Luigi Waits" Cara*Acrylic on Canvas Teeny Mini Painting
I had a Wonder-Tastic time last night at the Craft Council fundraiser dinner "Misty Moon". I sat with the darlings, had quite a few laughs and learned all sorts of interesting things from the Shagger on my left. If the stuffed pork could talk, the mashed potatoes would have blushed for days! This,coffee,coffee....nom,nom,nom! I can now drive home to Upper Island Cove without the jeep as I have had at least 17 mugs of VERY strong joe (each one a heavy-weight). I can drive home just like Fred Flinstone (SHE says I have his feet anyways!) When I get home, me and my tuckered feet can take the brontosaurus for a walk...and Rosie, too!
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Detail "In So Deep" by Cara and Pam


rooee said...

what would be cheaper? running a car on coffee or petrol?

Carol N. said...

LOVE In so Deep!